Ask the pigeon API

Welcome to the AskThePigeon UK GeoCoded API. This API provides access to a number of geocoded data sources through a single interface. This system accessed via an URI request and the data is returned as a JSON array.

So for example if you call:

with a valid UK postcode as the final URI element, a JSON array of related data will be returned. You also now know that SW1AA 2AA is postcode for 10 Downing Street.

    {"postcode": [
            "postcode": "SW1A2AA",
            "latitude": "51.5035400000000",
            "longitude": "-0.1276950000000",
            "Easting": "530047",
            "Northing": "179951",
            "GridRef": "TQ300799",
            "County": "",
            "District": "City of Westminster London Boro",
            "Ward": "St. James's Ward",

Documentation will be available shortly but in the meantime why not dive straight with our API example page?

Try out the Queen's Postcode of SW1AA 1AA to see what goes on around Buckingham Palace.